About Us

LaLa Swimwear was started by our founder and designer, Whitney, with a desire to empower her four nieces with confidence to be themselves and make an impact. LaLa Swimwear bears a little of each of them and has become their namesake. Through swimwear, we hope to change one of the most vulnerable times for women into one of the best. 

At LaLa Swimwear we strive to produce swimwear that allows parents' worries to be as free as their child’s spirit. By selling our tops and bottoms separately it allows styles and sizes to be mixed to create the perfect suit for each individual girl.

LaLa Swimwear aims to create fun and playful swimwear in all shapes and sizes for girls sizes 2 to 16. Our mix and match patterns are designed to provide functional options without sacrificing the cute factor. You can create the look that works best for your little girls, and your little girls will love the patterns and designs!